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Livonia, Michigan Militaria Show

 Sunday March 24, 2019


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Green Acres


Toledo, Ohio 

WWII Days Chesterfield, MI    

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*March 24, 2019,  (Sunday) Livonia, MI  Militaria (90 Tables)

*April  12/13, 2019  (Fri & Sat) Toledo Ohio Militaria Show (90 Tables)

*April, 14, 2109,  (Sunday) Green Acres Gun Show (70 Tables)

*July  26/27, 2019  (Fri & Sat) Toledo Ohio Militaria Show (90 Tables)

*Oct  25/26, 2019  (Fri & Sat) Toledo Ohio Militaria Show (90 Tables)

More events to follow

We Buy Military Souvenirs

Cash Paid For Your WWI & WWII Etc. Military Items

German Japanese U.S. Etc.

Helmets, Hats, Guns, Flags, Medals, Uniforms, Swords, Daggers, Patches, Paperwork, Equipment, Bayonets Etc.

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@ (586) 549 3150 or  svm1944@comcast.net



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